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Post by Silvemane on Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:31 pm

Trying to start a monthly gathering for furs in and around the Portland area or southern Maine. I am calling it Bad Movie Night. Basically idea is get an entertaining but clearly low budget movie and or movies and make fun of them whilst being social! Smile I think it's a good idea. Eventually if there is enough interest we could even *gasps* watch a good movie too. Smile

This month's movie night will be at my place in Westbrook (20 Harrisburg Ave.) on July 20th at 7pm. I'll be providing popcorn and soda (please let me know if there is a soda you like). Right now it looks like Gorgo will be the first movie, not sure what the second will be as the one I originally picked is not available.

Also August's bad movie night will be announced ASAP there are complications due to my involvement with Furfright right now. May go back to the 31st as planned, stay tuned.

Anyone traveling form a long distance is welcome to spend the night but should contact me about spending the night before hand. Any questions just ask.


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